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Wild Scot…Wild Life

Wild Scot – Wild Life

So having chosen the title Wild Scot I feel I need to start with a confession. Sorry but I am not Scottish (unless Hampshire is in Scotland now). I do love nature though and have lived north of the border since 2002 and love it here.

This blog was originally about Scottish Wildlife only and the title A Blog about the Wildlife of Scotland didn’t seem catchy enough so I shortened it.

More recently I have realised that I am also seeing great wildlife overseas and want to share this too. So whilst keeping the Scottish focus I am also going to be including wildlife posts from a more global perspective too.

If you are interested, you can see a record of my latest bird sightings on eBird.

Passionate about wildlife I am, an expert I am not. There are people out there who know more about any aspect of wildlife and photography than I do. But I am learning and enjoying doing so and hope to share this journey with you.

My Gear

Canon EOS R5

I recently upgraded my trusted 7d mark ii and jumped headlong into the mirrorless world with the Canon R5. The camera is smaller and lighter (650g) than its predecessor but most importantly the following specs attracted me: I got the camera just before a Safari in Botswana and I was delighted with its performance.

Canon RF 100-500mm

Now I loved my old EF100-400 mark ii lens, but with my birthday coming up I finally upgraded to the new mount RF 100-500 lens. Perhaps the biggest feature for me was weight – the new lens weight in at 1365g presenting a significant 39% weight saving over the old lens (1640g) with 1.4 converterContinue reading “Canon RF 100-500mm”

Collins Bird Guide

The Collins Bird Guide is a great field guide and combines with the App you have all the information you need at your finger tips

Swarovski ATS80HD 25-50w Scope

The Swarovski ATS 80 scope with 25-50x ocular is a cracking scope. I love it.

Swarovski EL8.5×42 Binoculars

These Swarovski binoculars are probably the best thing I own. I simply love them.