Canon 7d Mark ii Camera

I have been shooting with the Canon 7d mark ii since 2016 when I upgraded from an older Canon DSLR.

What I like

Here are some of the reasons I rate this camera:

  • the robust build and weather-sealing of this camera is great – this is important for wildlife photography, if I can cope with the weather I know my camera can.
  • menus and configuration – this is obviously personal choice but I am used to and like the Canon system. For example, I have configured two different back button focus buttons (one for moving subject and one for stationary subject).
  • the frame-rate of 10 frames per second – this certainly isn’t as fast as more recent cameras but it was a revelation when I got it. I often take a short burst to get the one strong image I wanted
  • the 65 point auto focus works well for wildlife photography whereby you can select a single point or track across the whole frame. Again more modern cameras are better but this is good for my budget. (As an aside do upgrade the firmware of camera and lens regularly as I had a problem with autofocus which was solved by latest firmware).
  • crop factor – okay this is a mixed blessing as my ability to crop photos after the event is reduced but it does give me more reach with my lenses.
  • value for money – there are better cameras for more money of course, but this is a good balance of performance and cost for me

What I like less

That said this camera is getting dated and there have been a lot of developments since I purchased this in 2016 – more megapixels, stronger ISO performance, more frames per second to name a few. Then of course there is mirrorless technology which enables lighter camera’s and lenses. I think ideally I will wait for mirrorless to really improve (lens quality, battery life, power-up speed) before I make the jump.

Blackrapid Sport Breathe

I recently invested in a descent camera strap, namely the Sport Breathe by Blackrapid.

The fact is that this means I carry my camera on a lot more walks and consequently get a lot more opportunities to take photos. I can leave my camera dangling by my side when using my binoculars and still have it to hand.

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