Canon 100-400mm L IS II Lens

My Dad died in January 2017 and I received some money from him which I put towards this lens. He always enjoyed wildlife and it was lovely to get something of good quality that should last and enabled me to get out and enjoy wildlife photography more.

This was the first “L” lens from Canon that I have owned and the quality is outstanding.

This lens has a good range from 100-400mm but on my 7D mark ii this is equivalent to 160-640 so quite useful in a range of wildlife situations. I have to crop heavily for more distant birds but apart from that it is ideal. It is also easy to hand-hold providing you use a descent shutter-speed – 1/400th of a second and above. So I pretty much never use a tripod for wildlife photography.

I do also have the Canon 1.4 III extender but to be honest I don’t use that too much. You only get single point autofocus through this extender/camera/lens combination and that basically restricts me to stationary subjects like a bird on a nest.

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