Swarovski ATS80HD 25-50w Scope

I love Swarovski kit as they are amazing quality and the views you get through them are just stunning. It really enhances my bird watching and makes it possible to identify birds at distance that would otherwise be impossible.

So a couple of years ago we purchased this scope. We have the 80mm ATS scope body with the 25-50x magnification ocular. This was a balance for us, there are bigger scopes that offer stronger light and magnification but they were quite big and bulky.

I normally work at 25x magnification but will sometimes zoom in (for example on a bird on a nest).

I initially got a fairly cheap tripod but this year I upgraded to Swarovski’s CCT tripod and CTH head. This is much smoother to follow a bird in flight and you can let go of it in any position and it stays put which is great for passing the scope over to someone else.

I do also have Swarovski’s stay on case to protect it and the variable phone adaptor for digiscoping. It is a bit fiddly but is okay for a record shot which would otherwise be impossible.

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