Swarovski EL8.5×42 Binoculars

I absolutely love these binoculars. They are probably my most valued possession and I rarely leave the house without them. If perfection exists then these are the perfect birdwatching binoculars.

The 8.5 magnification and wide field of view are great for birdwatching, it is quite easy to follow the bird but you still get lots of light into the lens.

In low light at dawn or dusk the quality of the optics really prove themselves.

This combined with my Swarovski scope really set me up for a great day bird or wildlife watching. Swarovski is not cheap but it is worth it. My logic is that they will last me for life and hopefully be useful to my son when I am gone.

One last thought the customer service from Swarovski is really strong too. I came back from a walk a couple of months ago and was dismayed to see I had lost an eyecup. I emailed Swarovski and 2 days later had two new eyecups in the post at no charge.

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